Pay N Play Casinos – Latest Breakthrough in iGaming Payment Technology

For years, casino players and online gamblers struggled with complicated registrations and tedious online payments. This was despite the numerous innovations attempted by experts in the iGaming industry. However, a breakthrough came in 2008 during the London ICE event when Pay N Play was introduced by Trustly, formerly known as InstantBank.

This new technology offers a simpler method of enjoying online gambling without having to create an account on the casino’s network. Players, as a result, can experience a faster and more practical method of making online payments and receiving withdrawals. It’s safe to say that Trustly single-handedly revolutionized the iGaming payment technology.

Pay N Play Casinos

Pay N Play Casinos

Thanks to Trustly, players can bypass the lengthy process of exchanging information with casino companies. It has also enhanced trust in the gambling industry. Online casino enthusiasts who are interested in faster payments and withdrawals can utilize this technology by wagering on the best pay n play casinos.

Have you just heard or come across a Pay N Play casino list? Wondering how this new form of technology works? Is it safe or is it available in your region? Keep on reading to learn more about this huge breakthrough in the iGaming Technology.

What is Pay N Play?

As mentioned above, Pay N Play is an online form of payment that is offered by Trustly. This invention started when Trustly wanted to know what casino players preferred when it comes to making payments and withdrawals. They, therefore, sampled the opinions and feedback from 1700 casino players in 9 EU markets. Out of all these people, 94% of them said that they would appreciate instant access to their winnings. According to Trustly, 80% of the same population claimed that they would gamble more often if Casinos could offer immediate withdrawals.

During that period, the biggest problem online casinos had was that most people would sign up but never make a deposit. The reason for this was that in most cases, the signup process was lengthy and the zeal to gamble would fade away before a person made a deposit.

Another issue was the mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure in which online casinos have to oblige to. Fortunately, with pay n play, players can immediately fund their accounts and start playing immediately. It is a win-win situation for players and casino operators.

How Does It Work?

When you visit their website, their tagline is ‘Play without delay!’. Well, the tagline says it all. This payment system utilizes intricate processes and gateways to ease up and increase the speed of both registration and withdrawal from online casinos.

Because it combines registration with payment, you no longer have to spend minutes on the signup page of your favourite pay n play casinos filling a lot of your information about yourself. Make the payment, and start playing right away. To make matters even better, the withdrawal process is fast.



To start using Pay N Play, you will need to sign up on their platform. Fill in the details that are required during the KYC process and start enjoying your favourite casino games. Below is a step by step guide on how it works;

Step 1: Navigate to your favourite Pay N Play Casino site.

Step 2: Find the play button and click on it.

Step 3: To fund your account, you will need to choose your bank.

Step 4: After clicking on this option, you will be asked to fill in your bank details to complete the deposit process.

Step 5: During the deposit process, there will be a secure back-end communication between your bank and Pay N Play. Your KYC details will be obtained from your bank and you will be automatically registered on the online casino platform. Kindly note that this is a very safe procedure and your information won’t be shared elsewhere.

Step 6: as a result, you get to bypass the signup process. And your details won’t be asked to provide further details for verification.

Step 7: After being registered and the funds reflecting on your account you can start playing. The process happens in real-time. You can, therefore, start playing instantly.

Step 8: Finally, when you want to withdraw your winnings. This happens immediately. You navigate to the withdraw section on your online casino website. Indicate the amount you wish to withdraw and the funds will be directly deposited to your account.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay N Play

Similar to other payment technologies used in the casino and iGaming industry, Pay N Play does have its fair share of pros and cons.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay N Play Casinos

Let’s start with the advantages

  • It eliminates the need to send verification details and documents to casino operators
  • Faster withdrawals improve players experience
  • It combines registration and deposit into one step
  • Users don’t incur any fees when using the payment method

On the downsides, Pay N Play has the following disadvantages;

  • Payments can only be made through bank accounts. However, Trustly has promised its users that it’s working to incorporate more channels.
  • Not all players can enjoy this service depending on the region they live in. it’s available in selected countries.
  • These payments reflect in bank statements and therefore do not offer discretion to players.

Why Is It Good for Casino Players?

Pay N Play is beneficial to both players and online casino operators. Players can enjoy the following benefits;

  • For starters, the login process has been significantly simplified. You don’t have to create a separate username and password credentials. Those you will use in your bank account credentials are sufficient.
  • One of the biggest benefits to players using Pay N Play casinos is that the money reaches a player’s account directly. Players have for long, endured sub-standard payment methods where they have to wait for days or weeks to get the money that they rightfully earned from online casinos.
  • The KYC process which always poses a challenge to many players gets taken care of at one go. You won’t have to repeat the same process when signing up for different pay N Play casinos.
  • Security which is a major concern for most players is highly guaranteed when you use Pay N Play. The system incorporates secure payment gateways when facilitating these transactions.
  • The payment processing occurs in real-time. It is instant and you don’t have to wait for long to start playing online casino games.
  • Players can forget about delayed payments and having to make annoying calls to casino support teams after making withdrawals.

It is worth mentioning that even though this mode of payment may not be accompanied by discounts and sign up bonuses. The benefits players get outweigh the bonuses.

What is Pay N Play

Why It’s Also Good for Casinos?

Even though providing a fast, swift, and secure payment method to players is good enough for casino operators. There are other perks they incur when using Pay N Play. They include;

Casino operators can ‘hit two birds with one stone’ by offering fast registration and deposits to their clients in one go. Whilst complying with KYC data collection requirements.
The fast withdrawals and deposits guarantee a spike in the number of players. The more the players, the higher the deposit volume casino operators will get.
Thanks to fast withdrawals, players will appreciate the casino with their loyalty.
Statistics show that casinos who adapt Pay N Play record a 124% increase in player acquisition within 7 months. Therefore, in one way, Pay N Play boosts your brand credibility.

Is It Safe to Use Pay N Play?

If you are considering Pay N Play casinos, then it is essential you confirm the security of using such a platform. Note that Trustly is a reputable organisation with years of experience in the finance sector. Even after rebranding from InstantBank to Trustly, they continue offering innovative and safe payment solutions to players from all over the world.

To show you how safe, Pay N Play is, the company incorporates Secure Socket Layer encryption that safeguards data obtained from your bank ID. For casinos to be allowed to use the same technology, they must exhibit high levels of security. Because should there be any fraud involved, it will tarnish the name of Trustly.

Also, all transactions have to be double authenticated by you. This will help prevent verification fraud.

Is It Safe to Use Pay N Play

Is It Safe to Use Pay N Play?

Countries Where Pay N Play is Available?

Having been officially launched in 2015, Pay N Play has been adopted by at least 60 casino brands so far. It made its first debut with Ninja casino that is operated by SafeEnt Limited. Other casinos observed how Ninja Casino had increased its player acquisition levels. The likes of Rolla, Spela, and Thrills casino followed suit.

As you can see from the above, initially pay N Play focused mainly in casinos within the European market. However, with time, this innovative payment technology did find its way into Sweden, Germany, and Finland.

In an interview with Trustly’s Vasilije Lekovic on iGaming Times, the company narrates its plans to approach more markets. Local regulations have however hindered these advancements. At the moment it is available in 29 countries. Please confirm on the company’s site if Pay N Play is available in your region.

The Two Pay N Play Models Available

For casinos interested in incorporating this payment technology into their systems, you should know that there are two available models. The hybrid and the pure model. You should opt for the hybrid model if you intend to improve user experience. We will explain further as we analyse the two models below.


Starting with the pure model, casino operators should note that it is more suitable for newer casino brands. Or those that are looking to rebrand. It contains features such as;

  • Trustly being the only provider for registration and payment solution provider for the casino.
  • Players being able to make fast deposits and withdrawals.
  • Verification required only when the player leaves the site and comes back once more.


On the other hand, the hybrid model is designed for casino operators that want to enrich their brands. This model is accompanied by the following features;

  • Unlike the Pure model, here Trustly isn’t the sole provider of payment solutions. A casino can have others if they so wish.
  • A player can’t resume playing after they leave the casino.
  • Players are required to manually login or deposit login when they come back to they return to the casino’s website.

Why You Should Opt for Pay N Play Casinos?

After reading all the benefits of Pay N Play, it should be very clear why you should choose such casinos. Instead of taking so much time submitting KYC documents, you can just deposit and go straight to playing. The fast withdrawals are also an added advantage.

Choosing the Best Pay N Play Casinos

Now that you are aware of how efficient, fast, and secure Pay N Play is, you are probably thinking about finding the best Play N Play casino. A quick search will give you a long Pay N Play casino list. Choosing one out of a possible 50 Pay N Play casino operators can be hard. To help you make an informed decision, here are some tips to guide you.

  • The first thing you should do is read reviews. Reviews tell you a lot about a casino operator and you can conclude if they are the best pick. Focus on all the reviews and don’t ignore the negative ones. Getting all information from other users can give you insight that will be useful in the future.
  • Visit different online casino sites and check out if their website is compatible with mobile devices. How easy is it for you to navigate the site? Is its design graphically appealing? Look for bonuses and other sign up requirements. And most importantly, are there enough games?
  • Crosscheck the terms and conditions. It is very common for most players to overlook this section but it is crucial you know what you are getting into.
  • Finally, understand the nature of payments. What is the maximum/minimum you can deposit or withdraw? Don’t also forget to assess their customer support. An ideal online casino operator should offer 24/7 support. This way you can be assured of speedy assistance when you run into problems.

Final Thoughts on Pay N Play

Compared to other payment solutions in the world of online casinos, Pay N Play has created a better, faster, and more secure way of funding your casino accounts. With this latest innovative payment solution, players don’t have to spend more time when registering on different online casino websites. A quick deposit automatically signs you in and you can start playing instantly. The casino withdrawals are instant deposited into your bank account. This is unlike other payment solutions that take days or even weeks. As technology advances, we can expect a lot more from Pay N Play in regard to improving player’s experiences on online casinos.

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